Debbie Martin

Dear Fred,

It seems like only yesterday that I was so concerned with the “unknowns” of my construction project. I had had one bad experience with some previous work that I had done to my home by another contractor. I now needed to do another project and find a new contractor. I got prices, estimates and met with three contractors in all, it was confusing but each one added a little more information to my newfound knowledge of working with construction and builders. It was a valuable experience.

Now my project is complete and I couldn’t be more delighted. You have restored my faith in the fact that there are good, honest and trustworthy people out there that one can trust and work with. You bent over backwards to help me save money and get my project in on budget. Your men were complete professionals and worked together like they’d been doing it all their lives. They show up on time, did what they said they’d do and didn’t waste time. I can’t stress to anyone that is considering any type of construction work to talk with you and your professional team. You will come away with the same trust and confidence that I felt in the very beginning of this process and when your project is complete you will have a great deal of satisfaction if knowing that your project was done with care, consideration and YES, you made the right choice when you chose Village Builders.

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