Bradford B. Moore

Dear Fred,

As you know, my first building experience was in the service supervising the construction of bowling alleys, service clubs and other large recreational buildings. After that, I worked for nursing home chains with responsibilities for the maintenance of health care facilities. This was followed by the responsibility for the construction of several large additions to facilities at Smugglers Notch. As you are also aware, I have developed a portfolio of investment properties in Lamoille County.

My most recent project was an apartment property on Clay Hill in Johnson. Village Builders was contracted to do all structural carpentry and to foam the building. First, I would like to comment upon the competence, professionalism and efficiency of your carpentry crew that operated under Dana’s and your direction. There was not one day missed by any member of the crew except with significant advanced notice. The building’s structure was finished in what I consider to be a record 46 days from the commencement of work on the poured slab. The cost was billed at an hourly rate and the total cost was significantly below your estimate, and your estimate was the best I received. The quality of the work was more than satisfactory, and your crew performed a number of tasks outside of the original scope, (ie. Installing locks and snow guards). There was minimal conflict between subcontractors. All in all, the experience was exceptionally good, and I would welcome the opportunity to repeat it.

The rigid foam technique that you have pioneered in this area, was new to me. Your explanation of the cost benefits and its improved structural integrity convinced me to give the technique a try. The cost savings were real, and the structural integrity is obvious. I cannot at this point, determine the energy efficiency, but the building meets the criteria of the state’s five star energy efficiency program.

Fred, I owe you and your crews a great deal of thanks. I would be happy to tour the building with any prospective developer to whom you are making a proposal. All of us at Trinity Management wish your team well.

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