Spray Foam Insulation

This is without question the best thing to happen to the building trade in years. Foam insulation comes in both closed cell and open cell types. Closed cell offers the highest R value inch for inch of any insulation. Three inches of foam has an R value in excess of R-21. No longer do you have to use 2×6 studs to get an acceptable R factor. This is the only insulation which will give your house a 5-star energy rating. Our rigid foam will not settle, compress or form gaps which allow air penetration. It contains no formaldehyde, nor off-gassing.

Open cell foam insulation stops all air and moisture infiltration, but offers half the R value of closed cell foam, thus requiring 2×6 walls. However, it is considered to be the most green and environmentally friendly insulation on the market today. Open cell insulation uses a water blown agent partly made from soybean and corn products. This product is used extensively as sound deadening in party walls as it offers superior qualities when compared to other insulation. Finally it contains no formaldehyde, CFCs, HFCs, HFA or HCFCs.

Technical papers describing how the spray foam system can help you:

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